ALMiG G-Drive T Screw Compressors | Pro-Air Compressors

New standards in energy efficiency

  • Maximum efficiency – 5.5 kW/m3/min
  • Durable and reliable
  • Low differential pressures
  • Reduced heat load

With the two stage G-Drive T screw compressor series ALMiG sets new standards in energy efficiency. By compressing air in two stages they achieve a specific performance which is at the highest level. Therefore, the G-Drive T screw compressor series offers a higher volume flow with a lower input power consumption, in comparison to an equivalent single stage compressor.

Low rotational speeds and lower internal compression ratios within the compressor stages increase the efficiency, reliability and lifetime of the compressor elements. State of the art efficiency, coupled with a low sound level and low service costs, makes the two-stage technology very interesting for industrial compressed air users.

The G-Drive T screw compressor series offers all these benefits, plus a compact footprint due to its well-thought-out design.


  • Due to the high efficiency of the compressor maximum energy savings can be achieved and the life cycle costs of the machine can be reduced Up to 15% greater energy savings in comparison to a single stage compressor
  • Durable and reliable
  • Low differential pressures
  • Reduced heat load
  • Easy maintenance and service

With a look to Industry 4.0, the controller of the compressor has all the required functionalities to communicate with common industrial company systems. Or simply use the cloud service to monitor the compressor from anywhere.

The unique design of the airend integrates the first and second stage into one compressor element. The rotors of both air ends achieve the optimal speed due to the gear drive.

An efficient compression is achieved by using a cooling oil mist for interstage cooling. This controlled amount of oil enables at the same time to avoid condensate in the second stage. A complicated and expensive separate interstage cooling is not necessary and reliability increases.

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